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The Most Practical Spiritual Training School on Earth

There is nothing woo-woo about this. If you want to feel powerful in your body - strengthen your root chakra. If you want to bring passion and joy back into your relationships - develop your sacral chakra. If you want to start your music career strengthen your throat chakra. This is the most down-to-earth training program on earth - and 40,000 happy students already know how fun it is.
The Most Practical Spiritual Training School on Earth

Personal Growth Has NEVER been this Fun

Are you sick of boring lectures and worksheets? Chakra.School was designed to be insanely engaging and fun - so you can grow without it feeling like work.
Personal Growth Has NEVER been this Fun

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  • James Seriph


    James Seriph

    I am a pioneer on a quest to integrate the secret knowledge of the ancient world and adapt it for modern use. I have traveled around the world, studying the ancient traditions and spiritual texts, and integrating them with my own practical mindsets and sense of humor to deliver high impact learning experiences to my audience. I have taught thousands of students about the spiritual world right under our nose. I want to help you become stronger, wiser....and to laugh a little bit more.