Are you ready to #Betheparty?

Welcome to your Sacral Chakra Initiation.

Liberate yourself from Shame, Attract your Desires, and Cultivate Joy in 3 Weeks

Are you ready to kickstart a massive emotional healing in your life?

Are you ready to go out and share yourself with the world - without a care about what others think of you?

Are you ready to experience joy, fun, and freedom by healing your inner child?

Are you ready to claim the power of sacred desire - and create the life you truly want?

The Sacral Chakra Initiation is a 3-Week Journey to emotional healing and liberation.

This course is so important - because after surveying thousands of people from around the world, I've realized..

The Sacral Chakra is the #1 most wounded chakra on earth.

So many of us carry crippling trauma from the past. So many of us have been made ashamed of what we feel, what we want, and who we are - that we end up feeling terrified around others.

So many of us have dealt with abuse, both sexual, physical, or verbal, that have forced us to 'ARMOR UP' to avoid feeling the pain that we are carrying.

So many of us feel like it's not ok be wild and free with our sexual expression - and we feel forced to disown our REAL Desires.

All that emotional repression leads to us walking around carrying a heavy burden - and never knowing how to truly let it go and reclaim our innocence and joy.

No More Pity Parties

Week 1 is about doing the deep work you need to heal.

You deserve joy and connection - but that won't happen until you do the inner work to free yourself from the baggage and shame of the past. That's why the course opens with powerful clearing exercises and belief system work to help you believe in your right to receive.
No More Pity Parties

Come Out Of Your Shell

Week 2 will teach you the social emotional skills you need to fearlessly engage the world.

Ok, maybe you've been hiding out in your cave. It's time to fearlessly engage the world - and turn your scared caterpillar into a confident social butterfly that loves to connect with others.
Come Out Of Your Shell

Bring Your Sexy Back

Week 3 is about doing the internal cultivation to build sexual energy - to attract what you truly want.

The Sacral Chakra is about giving yourself permission to feel everything in your life. Stop rushing, and start enjoying. I will break down sexual cultivation practices for men and women to increase magnetism and attraction.
Bring Your Sexy Back

This Course is Perfect For You If...

√ You are done STRUGGLING - and want to bring flow, magnetism, and fun into your life

√ You are finished blaming others for early life trauma - and FINALLY move forward free of that baggage

√ You are sick of trying to control your life, your image, and your social media profiles - trying to appear to 'fit your mold' - and start sharing who you really are

√ You are ready to open up to the power of your sexuality FULLY

Just a Few of the Amazing Benefits of Sacral Chakra Initiation are...

  • Learn how to identify the root traumas that caused you to emotionally armor yourself to the world

  • Discover the Power of each one of your emotions - and the specific purpose it plays in your personal evolution

  • Free yourself from negative imprints you have been carrying in your field - that have been unconsciously pushing people away

  • Learn powerful questions to ask strangers to start the most fun and intimate conversations of your life

  • Discover Sacred sexuality practices and insights for men and women that will ATTRACT opportunity

You Have Nothing To Lose

As with all courses at Chakra.School, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee, as you join a community of adepts committed to evolution and ecstacy.
You Have Nothing To Lose

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  • James Seriph


    James Seriph

    I am a pioneer on a quest to integrate the secret knowledge of the ancient world and adapt it for modern use. I have traveled around the world, studying the ancient traditions and spiritual texts, and integrating them with my own practical mindsets and sense of humor to deliver high impact learning experiences to my audience. I have taught thousands of students about the spiritual world right under our nose. I want to help you become stronger, wiser....and to laugh a little bit more.

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